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Gisborne Airport Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction


Using LCAQuick we were able to make a decision at concept design stage that resulted in a significant tCO2e emission reduction.

DHS steel purlins – 22 tonnes of CO2e emitted (net loss)
LVL – 16.6 tonnes of CO2e reduction (net gain)

By changing the steel purlins to timber there was a 38.6 tonne difference in CO2e emissions. This saving is comparable to one person’s emissions circumnavigating the earth by aeroplane 6.3 times (252,000 km).

We then decided to also change the two end portals from steel to timber.

steel structural – 8.2 tonnes of CO2e emitted (net loss)
LVL – 2.6 tonnes of CO2e reduction (net gain)

This became a 10.8 tonne difference in CO2e emissions for the better.

By way of comparison these changes that we made equal two times the Tennent Brown tCO2e 2018-19 total financial year's emissions.