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Sustainable Materials Research


We have been on a 3 year journey with the Living Building Challenge carrying out materials research. As a result the online transparency movement for the building industry, named Declare, has grown in New Zealand as more suppliers are willing to join.

You can find Red List Free materials to put on your building project by going to https://living-future.org/declare/. Be sure when you choose a product you see that the Declare Label is marked Red List Free or LBC compliant to ensure it is healthy.

Winstone Wallboards – GIB Plasterboard (GIB® Standard, Aqualine®, Braceline®, Noiseline®, Fyreline®, Toughline®)
Abodo Wood – Abodo Vulcan
Freedom Strategies Ltd – Aluminium Stepmaster & Trimmaster, Brass Stepmaster & Guidemaster, Stainless Steel Stepmaster & Guidemaster, Treadmaster)
Autex Industries Ltd – APA, Cube™, Quitespace® Panel, Autex Ducting Insulation Wrap, Ceiling Tiles, Composition®, Symphony™ & Visage, Greenstuf® Acoustic and Thermal Insulation Product Range, Jacobsen Acoustiwall, Vertiface® & Felt, Workstation, 3D Wall Tiles, 3D Ceiling Tiles
Firth Industries Ltd – Dricon Trade Mortar, Dricon Coloured Mortar, Dricon Architectural Mortar, Dricon Brick Mortar, Ezi Wall / Keystone Retaining Wall Systems, Firth Brick Veneer Range, Firth Concrete Masonry Blocks, Firth Paving Range, Firth Special Concrete Mix Additives, Firth Standard Concrete Mix
Hermpac – Duralarch
T&R Interior Systems – Eclipse Aluminium Suite
CHH Plywood Ltd - Ecoply® Untreated Structural Plywood, Futurebuild® LVL H1.2 Treated, Futurebuild® LVL Untreated
Fireshield – Fireshield Architectural 4FR, Fireshield TimberWhite 2FR
Golden Bay Cement – Golden Bay Cement EverSure™ (GP) and EverFast™ (HE) Cement
Korok Building Systems NZ Ltd - Korok
Laminex New Zealand – Laminam 5, Laminex Solid Surface, Strandboard®, Strandfloor®, Strandsarking®
Natural Paint Company – Low Sheen Wall Paint, Matt Wall Paint, Matt Ceiling
InZone Industries Ltd – Mammoth, Mammoth NOVAhush
Wienerberger AG – Porotherm R25 Th+
Potter Interior Systems – Potter Aluminium Systems
Terra Lana Products Ltd – Terra Lana Wool Blend Insulation
XLam NZ Ltd – XLam Cross Laminated Timber