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Carbon Blog Series #12


A Note on the RIBA Sustainable Outcomes Guide


The RIBA follow eight out of thirteen of the UN Sustainble Development Goals in Practice. These are:

3. Good Health and Wellbeing - Good Health and Wellbeing

6. Clean Water and Sanitation - Sustainable Water Cycle

7. Affordable Clean Energy - Net Zero Operational Carbon Emissions

8. Economic Growth - Sustainable Life Cycle Cost

9. Innovation and Infrastructure - Sustainable Connectivity and Transport

11. Sustainble Cities and Communities - Sustainable Communities and Social Value

12. Responsible Consumption + Production - Net Zero Embodied Carbon Emissions

13. Climate Action - Whole Life Carbon Emissions

15. Life on Land - Sustainble Land-use and Ecology

Sustainability Assessment Tools

 - Should be chosen for the quality of insight and feedback they provide to inform briefing and design in the early stages, expectations management as a project proceeds and performance assessment and remedial interventions once a building is used.

Greenstar (Australia) and Living Building Challenge provide the most breadth of consideration against the RIBA goals. These include, but not limited to; sustainable life cycle cost, zero embodied carbon, sustainable connectivity and transport and sustainable water cycle.

Continue reading here... https://www.architecture.com/knowledge-and-resources/resources-landing-page/sustainable-outcomes-guide