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Carbon Blog Series #16


Contribution to our long term vision: By 2050, Aotearoa New Zealand's building-related emissions are near zero and buildings provide healthy places to work and live for present and future generations.

Buildings are long lived - setting emissions patterns for the future - and drive emissions in other sectors.

Following advice from the Climate Change Comission, a consumption based approach is used. The consumption approach includes the impact of two types of building-related emissions.

Operational Carbon Emissions

Embodied Carbon Emissions


Objective 1: Reduce embodied carbon of buildings

Focus area 1: Reduce embodied carbon of construction materials

 - Action 12.1.1: Progress regulatory change to reduce embodied emissions of new buildings

 - Action 12.1.2: Spark and foster innovation across the sector

 - Action 12.1.3: Realise cross-sector opportunities to reduce whole-of-life embodied emissions

Focus area 2: Accelerate the shift to low-emissions buildings

 - Action 12.2.1: Shift expectations and grow the market for low-emissions buildings

 - Action 12.2.2: Use the Government’s purchasing power to drive market change


Objective 2: Reduce operational emissions

Focus area 3: Improve building energy efficiency

 - Action 12.3.1: Amend the Building Code to improve new buildings’ operational efficiency

 - Action 12.3.2: Encourage and enable emissions reduction from existing buildings

Focus area 4: Shift energy use from fossil fuels

 - Managing the phase-out of fossil fuels, including fossil gas

 - Introducing measures to improve the energy efficiency of new and existing buildings 

Focus area 5: Establish foundations for future emissions reduction

 - Action 12.5.1: Work with Māori to identify new opportunities and support an equitable transition

 - Action: 12.5.2: Develop a strong data and evidence base

 - Action 12.5.3: Change behaviours of households and the sector

 - Action 12.5.4: Support workforce transition to ensure the sector can build for climate change

 - Action 12.5.5: Establish an enabling legislative framework


Continue reading about the construction sector in chapter 12 of Aotearoa New Zealand's first emissions reduction plan here: https://environment.govt.nz/assets/publications/Aotearoa-New-Zealands-first-emissions-reduction-plan.pdf