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Carbon Blog Series #19


A list of publications we're following surrounding carbon and building emissions:

1. A carbon positive roadmap for the built environment
a. June 2018
b. Greenstar Australia
c. https://www.airah.org.au/Content_Files/Advocacy/2017/Submission_GBCA_Carbon_Positive_discussion_Paper_060617.pdf

2. Measuring Emissions: A Guide for Organisations
a. May 2019
b. Ministry for the Environment Manatū M ō Taiao
c. https://environment.govt.nz/guides/measuring-and-reporting-greenhouse-gas-emissions-guide-for-organisations/

3. Life Cycle Assessment of Buildings: A Practice Guide
a. June 2019
b. The Carbon Leadership Forum
c. https://carbonleadershipforum.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/CLF-LCA-Practice-Guide_2019-05-23.pdf

4. A Framework for the National Climate Change Risk Assessment for Aotearoa New Zealand
a. September 2019
b. Ministry for the Environment Manatū M ō Taiao
c. https://environment.govt.nz/publications/arotakenga-huringa-ahuarangi-a-framework-for-the-national-climate-change-risk-assessment-for-aotearoa-new-zealand/

5. How to calculate embodied carbon
a. July 2020
b. The Institution of Structural Engineers (UK)
c. https://www.istructe.org/IStructE/media/Public/TSE-Archive/2020/A-brief-guide-to-calculating-embodied-carbon.pdf

6. Building for Climate Change: Transforming Operational Efficiency and Reducing Whole-of-Life Embodied Carbon
a. October 2020
b. Building for Climate Change
c. https://www.mbie.govt.nz/have-your-say/building-for-climate-change-transforming-operational-efficiency-and-reducing-whole-of-life-embodied-carbon/

7. Targeted Consultation – Whole of Life Embodied Carbon Assessment: Technical Methodology
a. June 2021
b. Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment
c. Superseded

7. Procurement guide to reducing carbon emissions in building and construction
a. June 2021
b. New Zealand Government Procurement
c. https://www.beehive.govt.nz/sites/default/files/2021-06/Procurement%20guide%20to%20reducing%20carbon%20emissions%20in%20building%20and%20construction.pdf

9. Greenstar Buildings, Submission Guideline
a. July 2021
b. New Zealand Green Building Council
c. https://www.nzgbc.org.nz/GreenStar/Category?Action=View&Category_id=356

10. UK Architects Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency
a. August 2021
b. UK Architects Declare
c. https://www.architectsdeclare.com/uploads/AD-Practice-Guide-2021-v1_3.pdf

11. Built for the Environment
a. September 2021
b. Royal Institute of British Architects
c. https://www.architecture.com/knowledge-and-resources/resources-landing-page/built-for-the-environment-report

12. Transitioning to a Low Carbon and Climate-resilient Future: Emissions reduction plan discussion document
a. October 2021
b. Ministry of Environment
c. https://environment.govt.nz/publications/emissions-reduction-plan-discussion-document/

13. Embodied Carbon: Supporting Analysis
a. November 2021
b. New Zealand Green Building Challenge + Thinkstep
c. –

14. Greenstar Design and As Built NZV1.1, Construction Document
a. December 2021
b. New Zealand Green Building Challenge
c. https://www.nzgbc.org.nz/greenstar/design-and-as-built

15. Whole of Life Embodied Carbon Assessment: Technical Methodology
a. February 2022
b. Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment
c. https://www.building.govt.nz/assets/Uploads/getting-started/building-for-climate-change/whole-of-life-embodied-carbon-assessment-technical-methodology.pdf

16. IPCC Climate Change 2022, Summary for Policy Makers
a. March 2022
b. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
c. https://www.ipcc.ch/report/ar6/wg2/

17. Decarbonising buildings: achieving zero carbon heating and cooling
a. March 2022
b. Climate Action Tracker
c. https://climateactiontracker.org/publications/decarbonising-buildings-achieving-net-zero-carbon-heating-and-cooling/

18. Our Low Carbon Mission
a. April 2022
b. LT McGuinness

19. Aotearoa New Zealand’s First Emissions Reduction Plan – Chapter 12 (Building and construction)
a. May 2022
b. Ministry for the Environment
c. https://environment.govt.nz/assets/publications/Aotearoa-New-Zealands-first-emissions-reduction-plan.pdf

20. Te hau mārohi ki anamata | Towards a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy
a. May 2022
b. Te Kāwanatanga o Aotearoa New Zealand Government
c. https://environment.govt.nz/assets/publications/Aotearoa-New-Zealands-first-emissions-reduction-plan.pdf