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"[W]e are today adrift in a sea of competing imperatives, where even the idea of a dominant discourse is beyond the imagining. If ever proof were needed of the multiplicity of influences at play, the excellent Futuna Chapel talk by Hugh Tennent was a slam dunk. Showing only that part of his studio's oeurve involving tangata whenua projects, we saw work profoundly influenced by kaupapa Māori infused with a major engagement with the health of the planet and carried out with grace, commitment and professionalism. Here is an architecture born of the contemporary zeitgeist that I am sure would seem a hopeless mélange to my southern client's thinking, yet, as we contemplate Aotearoa in the second quater of the century, it may be a glimpse of a way of building more interesting and perhaps even more beautiful than the faux historicism in the south and, certainly, the despoliation of my mate's view in the north."

 - Pip Cheshire in architectureNZ, July/August 2021 Edition



Sketch - Davis Fale, by Pip Cheshire

Photo - Davis Fale, Matapouri, 1994-96, by Patrick Reynolds