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Brenda Solon - Award winning Senior Architect


Brenda Solon has been working with us for over 12 years and is a highly talented and respected senior architect who strives for perfection in every thing that she does.  Brenda has been the project architect on three award winning project,  the Torea Studio, housing for the sisters of the Home of Compassion, and the Chapel for Mother Aubert mentioned below.  We asked Brenda what inspired her to take up a career in architecture:

My most memorable architectural experience was visiting Carlo Scarpa’s Brion Cemetery in Italy. Without a word of shared language, the elderly host was able to communicate to me so many special aspects of the building, and how much he cherished it. I’m inspired by projects that combine beauty, spirituality and an enduring vision and purpose that stretches beyond the present.  For these reasons, the Chapel for Mother Aubert at the Home of Compassion is one of my favourite projects.

In her free time, Brenda enjoys being out in nature, and building Lego with her daughter.  Brenda is also an amazing snow boarder and cook as was evidenced on our work ski trip in 2018.

This year Brenda has managed to find time to embark upon a Te Reo course; this was something she has wanted to do for some time.  As an office we now have a quarter of our staff attending various Te Reo courses.

Brenda is currently the Project Architect on Redcliff's new school, and we are all eagerly anticipating its completion by mid-year.

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