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LBC 3.1 Materials Research and Engineered Timber


For Gisborne Airport we researched each of the 275 materials specified. Thirty-five of these were structural, 76 of these were for the enclosure, 28 of these were for the interior, 44 of these were finishes, 88 of these were services and 4 of these were landscape. We researched in the region of 400 materials to achieve the 275 specified.

To find the required information for Gisborne Airport we built upon materials research that we had conducted for our Ngai Tūhoe projects. We continued to apply the instructions from the latest Living Building Challenge Materials Petal Handbook and encouraged suppliers to declare their products. We apply our materials knowledge to our non-LBC projects also, the image here is of LVL at Te Ara a Tāwhaki.

This week we would like to draw your attention to three mass timber engineered wood products:

Although one of the three products is not more than 99% declared they are all Red List 3.1 free and FSC certified with the exception of phenol formaldehyde. Phenol formaldehyde is allowed in composite structural members such as glulam beams under the exception I10-E10 8-2008 Structural Composite Wood Members.

We also encourage you to look into mass timber engineered wood products over steel for structure due to their carbon sequestering properties.