Te Raekura



Te Raekura, Redcliffs School is currently under construction with an expected completion mid-year 2020. Below is a statement given from the school regarding the design.

We would like the school to reflect our school’s vision and special character and have a Redclifs community flavour, which will help us to move back home and rebuild our connections with the community, having been out of the area for so long.
This would also recognize the special natural history of the area. Bringing the outside in, both the community and the landscape can be done through design, visuals, and objects.
Key aspects from our cultural narrative, such as winding paths leading to the communal area, should come through.
We would like to encourage people to linger and congregate. All areas of the school should have an easy flow between them, and especially between learning studios. We expect that Core Design Principles will be used across all teaching and learning facilities to maximise the potential of the learning environment for both students and staff.
Our cultural narrative highlights the Mauri Model Decision Making framework, which is a Tikanga Maori Framework for Sustainable Design.
It provides an assessment guide to better understand the degree to which
design proposals might align with Ngāi Tahu values and aspirations. This
includes the House of Tahu identifiers:

• Ngā Wai Tūpuna (ancestral waters):
Protection of natural waterways and the appropriate use/reuse, treatment and disposal of water (particularly onsite and /or land-based systems for stormwater, greywater, and wastewater)

• Ngā Otaota Maori (indigenous habitats):
Protection and enhancement of native fora, fauna, habitats, and ecosystems (particularly waterways and wetlands).

• Wahi Tapu/Taonga (sites of significance):
Acknowledgment, protection, int